Hi, I'm Lee Dawson.

Here are some of my career highlights:

  • Head hunted by Fitness First PLC to teach my unique "Thai Fit" system to over 38,000 people.
  • Training contestants on the original 'Gladiators' series. 
  • Taught self defence to members of the Saudi Royal Family.
  • Training actor Dolph Lundgren in my home Dojo.
  • Awarded 'International Thai Fit', awarded 'Master of Combat', awarded 'Master Instructor' & 'International Instructor'
  • Since 1990 I have trained 100,000's of people in fitness & self defense around the world.
  • Now I want to share all that experience and knowledge with you.

My Story

One day, my Dad came home with Bruce Lee's "The Way of the Dragon" VHS video under his arm. After watching the film, I was so inspired I went straight into the garden and made nunchucks out of my Mum’s old broom. I started waving them around, knocked myself out and gave myself concussion! My Dad looked at me, rolled his eyes and said: “if you’re going to do that bollocks, son, do it properly”

I learned fast that you had to be able to defend yourself in this life, so I soon found myself enrolling into the MUGENDO SYSTEM in London developed by Sensie Suzuki. I've never looked back.

My Fighting Fit Members Club has everything I need to help share my extensive knowledge with you and get you and your immune system fighting fit.

Don't Battle it - Beat it!


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Testimonial by Sean Phillips Fitness First & Fight Corps Director

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