Are you fit? Or are you

fighting fit? 

There's a big difference! 

Welcome to Lee Dawson's

Fighting Fit - Essential Immunity Maintenance.

I've Trained Dolph Lundgren

The Gladiators & Many Others.

Now it's your turn!

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'Hi, I'm Lee Dawson'

My incredible value Fighting Fit Members Club is packed with online courses, body part & nutritional advice, martial arts, stretch, monthly content and personal support - all specifically designed to get you & your immune system in tip top shape and Fighting Fit.

I've been training professionally for over 35 years and I still get a buzz from helping people reach their fitness & health goals... which is now more important than ever!

So come on join in, let's transform you into a finely tuned instrument, ready for this world and all it has to throw at you.

More About Me
Sean Phillips

Fitness First PLC

"I've known Lee for 28 years. He's not just an elite performer, he's an elite performer that other elite performers go to for training"

Chris Davies

GM Publications

"Lee is a perfectionist and a master in his field. His humility always shines through making his students feel so important and valued"

Neil Cunliffe

CEO Arden Wealth 

"I've trained with Lee for years. The methods he uses are excellent for reducing stress and improving all-round lifestyle"

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